Laundry liquid with fabric softener

Full-bodied, refreshing scent Luxury Relax fragrance

Full-bodied, refreshing scent Amber Woody type

  • TOP:
    Rose, Muguet, Vanilla Jasmine
  • LAST:
    Woody, Amber, Musk

It’s not just a scent that you will become obsessed with.

Whiteness Softness Antibacterial Lavons laundry liquid Reactions from 100 housewives! *Saita magazine research

The collars of my husband’s shirts came out beautifully!

What a soft and rich scent!

My clothes smelled so well I slept like a log!

Such a soft finish with just this one bottle!

Reactions from 100 housewives! Whiteness Thoroughly removes sebum stains from clothing.

This laundry liquid virtually knocked the socks off the stains and dirt out of my daughter’s socks and handkerchiefs.
On top of that, it left them smelling like roses ^ - ^ I’m totally converted!

Sayumi Kikuno

A refreshing fragrance filled the room the moment I opened up the washing machine. I never thought such lovely smelling detergent could so solidly knock off the mud caked on of my boisterous 3-year-old’s clothes.

Aya Sato


Reactions from 100 housewives! Softness Spreading softness and a lovely fragrance with this one bottle.

I’ve always been using Lavons fabric softener, but I wasn’t expecting such amazing results from the laundry liquid as well!

Natsuko Takahashi

The benchmark for judging a fabric softener is whether a long-sleeved dress shirt comes out soft and comfortable on the skin. Lavons definitely does both.

Mayuko Hirano


Reactions from 100 housewives! Antibacterial Suppresses unpleasant odors from indoor drying.

You won’t have to worry about sweating in your clothes when you use this product. You’ll notice that your entire room will smell lovely while you’re folding up your clothes after they are washed.

Mayuko Hirano

I tried drying my clothes indoors on a rainy day and I was almost shocked at how good it smelled! This product truly lives up to its name!

Masami Yoneyama


* Please note that the antibacterial effects may not apply to all types of bacteria.

Safe and reliable

  • Cleaning components are plant-based
    No fluorescent agents or bleach(*)
    have been added.
    *Excluding Sweet Floral
  • Features carefully selected certified
    organic plant extracts.
    Sage Time features a compound of
    two types of organic plant extracts.